RC Soaring... A Laughing Matter - the series

by Gene Zika

Numerous pieces of Gene's artwork have appeared in RC Soaring Digest. RC Soaring... A Laughing Matter is a series of three volumes, each includes roughly 200 original cartoons on a variety of topics, from club meetings and construction to winch line and thermal. Insightful, humorous, and downright hilarious, Gene's cartoons are truly works of art. Due to cartoon proportions, this book is printed in 7" x 8 1/2" format.

The first volume includes The Adventures of Glider Man!

Original - 212 pages, black and white. Printed US$15.00 NOW US$7.50
or downloadable PDF (18.5MB) US$15.00


If you are ordering Part 1 in printed form from outside the United States you need to contact us at <bsquared AT b2streamlines.com>, let us know you wish to order this book and provide your delivery address. We will then contact you and provide accurate postage costs. Thank you!

Part II - 218 pages, full color. Downloadable PDF (52.4MB) US$15.00

Part III - 218 pages, full color. Downloadable PDF (54.7MB) US$15.00 

Full set of all three volumes. Downloadable PDFs (125.6MB total) US$40

Aerodynamic Design of Radioguided Sailplanes
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics of Aeromodels
Balsetta - small balsa aircraft
Gliding With Radio Control
On the 'Wing... the book, Volumes 1 - 4
Structural Dimensioning of Radioguided Aeromodels
Tailless Tale
Understanding Polars Without Math
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