Gliding With Radio Control

Gliding with Radio Control

by Martin Simons

This is a beginner's guide to building and flying model sailplanes. Within 18 chapters, Martin describes nearly everything involved in getting started in this aspect of the hobby -- choosing and building the glider, installing the radio control equipment, and learning to fly are just a few of the topics covered. Written by an internationally known and acknowledged expert in model aircraft aerodynamics, this volume makes an excellent "textbook" for junior high and high school classes!
  • Getting Help
  • Costs: The Radio Equipment
  • Costs: The First Glider
  • Field Equipment
  • The Glider Layout and Structure
  • Finer Points of Design
  • The Radio Control Gear
  • Building the Model
  • Fitting the Radio Into the Model
  • Balancing the Model
  • How the Glider Flies
  • A Little More Theory for the Serious Reader
  • How the Glider Controls Work
  • Learning to Fly
  • Launching
  • Landing
  • Soaring
  • What Next?
  • Appendices
    • A check list
    • Publications
    • Magazines
    • Glossary
110 pages, illustrated, with glossary. PRINTED US$18.00 NOW US$9.00

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