Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic Design
of Radioguided Sailplanes

by Dr. Ing. Ferdinando Galè

This book has become the classic reference work for the model sailplane designer who desires a more technical explanation of aerodynamics and stability and control than is available elsewhere in the model literature. This is a newly revised edition which is in english only. Aerodynamic Design of Radioguided Sailplanes begins with an explanation and discussion of elementary aerodynamics. Each sailplane component - wing, fuselage, empennage - is then individually examined in detail. Having analyzed each individual part, a subsequent chapter discusses the interaction of these parts as a complete sailplane. Chapters on longitudinal static stability, lateral static stability, and maneuverability make this book extremely comprehensive. A math and physics refresher and a number of examples are included in a workbook section, thus assuring the reader a grasp of all necessary elements. A complete bibliography rounds out the book.

  •     Fundamental Aerodynamics
  •     Airfoil
  •     Wing
  •     Fuselage
  •     Empennages
  •     Complete Sailplane
  •     Static Longitudinal Stability
  •     Static Lateral Stability
  •     Maneuverability
  •     Mathematics and Physics Refresher
  •     Examples and Problems, with Solutions
  •     Bibliography

312 pages, illustrated. (PDF, 6.0MB) US$28.00

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