Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics of Aeromodels

by Antonio Mazzone

Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics of Aeromodels fills a void in the aeromodeling literature by serving as a technical handbook. It is a digest of fundamental information which includes both the simple and more complex formulae required to determine aerodynamic characteristics and aircraft performance. Several topics - aeroelasticity being the most notable - are not usually covered in aerodynamics books directed toward aeromodelers. It is to Antonio's credit that he has tackled these topics and presented them in an understandable fashion. The role of this book is to be a resource; to answer fundamental questions and act as a guide toward an understanding of more complex concepts. Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics of Aeromodels is formatted to serve as a handbook.


  • Aeromodel anatomy and technical terms
  • Physics of the air and its applicable laws
  • Wing section
  • Finite wing
  • Performance of the complete aeromodel
  • Controls
  • Principles of stability
  • Propellers and propulsion devices
  • Principles of aeroelasticity
  • Helicopter
  • Seaplane
  • Biplane
  • Interference and parasite drag
  • Effects of the propeller
  • Dynamic response of the aeromodel
  • Conclusion
  • List of symbols
  • References
  • Elements of physics
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