Balsetta - small balsa aircraft

Balsetta - small balsa aircraft

by Antonio Mazzone

The word Balsetta is of Italian heritage, and literally translated means "small balsa." The word "Balsetta" as formulated by Antonio and as used in this book describes miniature aircraft which are constructed entirely of balsa wood and are capable of flight. The models in this book may be constructed quite inexpensively using sheets of balsa which can be acquired at low cost. A few sheets of balsa can be used to construct quite a large number of flyable aircraft. And there are a large number of available areas for experimentation. Balsetta may be built by young and old, in small apartments or large homes, at any time of year. Additionally, they may be flown either indoors or outside. This book contains full size plans for fifteen Balsetta on 11" x 17" fold-out pages.


  • The physics of flight and aerodynamic stability
  • Design criteria and construction techniques
  • Necessary construction materials and tools
  • Throwing and launching techniques
  • Eleven Balsetta to start
  • - Basic canard
    - Mirage
    - Airbus A 300
    - Classic V-Tail
    - Tailless
    - Mosquito
    - Bitail
    - Tandem
    - Non-conventional bitail
    - Bitail with double vertical fin
  • The design of advanced Balsetta
  • Four advanced Balsetta
  • - Tornado
    - Sailplane
    - AerMacchi MB 339
    - Re. 2005
  • For "lazy" modelers
  • Other devices with balsa wood
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Vocabulary
  • Equivalent measurements
  • List of Symbols
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