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  About  B2Streamlines.com is owned and operated by Bill and Bunny (B2) Kuhlman. Our goal is to provide a source of information on unique aviation topics and attempt to fulfill the specialized needs of aircraft modelers worldwide. Tailless and other unconventional planforms are a high priority for this web site. This site contains pages of information and photos, downloadable articles and software, plus links to outside sources which are of interest to modelers.


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B2Streamlines sells aviation books, both new and used. Click here to enter the B2Streamlines book store. Many of the books published by B2Streamlines, available as printed volumes, are now available as downloadable PDFs. This is of great benefit to overseas customers who wish to avoid mailing costs.

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B2Streamlines also publishes R/C Soaring Digest, a monthly magazine for RC soaring enthusiasts. Information concerning R/C Soaring Digest is always available at the RC Soaring Digest web site.

Preprints B2Streamlines now offers a preprint service. Preprints get an article credit, feedback, and attention prior to submission to a journal for formal peer review. See about preprints.

The dynamic soaring of salmon.
How salmon gain upstream thrust from pressure gradients and extract energy from velocity shears. Plus other strategies for upstream energy minimization. Authored by Philip Randolph Patten.

Isaac Newton’s falsely dismissed theory of inertially caused pressure resistance
. Newton’s theory vs. d’Alembert’s paradox, each correct within differing conditions not knowable in the 18th century. 42 pages, 20,571 words. Authored by Philip Randolph Patten.

Isaac Newton's theory of inertially caused pressure resistance, reinstated. Flow separations and instability drag as the mechanisms of Newton’s theory and the theory’s defeat by d’Alembert’s paradox, each correct within conditions only differentiated in the 19th century. An amusingly convoluted history. 14 pages, 5474 words (plus endnotes). This is a shortened version of the above aimed at journal publication. Authored by Philip Randolph Patten. 


FFA Diamant
B2Streamlines/RC Soaring Digest is pleased to be able to
make available the Diamant Archive containing materials
belonging to Art T. Babiarz, Jr., owner and caretaker of Flug- und
Fahrzeugwerke AG Diamant 16.5, serial number 012,
N1193, XX. This vast amount of material is more than likely the largest
collection of FFA Diamant information in existence.

  Al Backstrom Plans
Al Backstrom has graciously allowed B2Streamlines to archive several of his plan sets for free flight profile scale models of various tailless aircraft: Arnoux's Simplex, Al's own WPB-1, Fauvel's AV-10, two Lippisch Deltas, and Waterman's Aerobile. Click here for the plans Index and links to all plans components.  
Our "On the 'Wing..." column, focused on RC tailless sailplanes, has been published in RC Soaring Digest since 1988. There is a complete "On the 'Wing..." article index. There are four "On the 'Wing..." books, all available as downloadable PDFs from the B2Streamlines book store. To purchase any or all of these volumes, go to this page.  
  WINGLINKS Information sources for tailless and/or unconventional aircraft.  
  AEROLINKS Information sources for conventional aircraft.  
  PLOTTERS Airfoil plotting programs for the Macintosh OS, "helpers" for CAD applications (Mac and Windows), etc., and information about ChipmunkBASIC.  
  magazinesandbooks An aeromodelling magazine source - collectable and reference aeromodelling magazines and books from the US and the UK from 1930 to date!  
  S.A.S.S. Seattle Area Soaring Society