Art T. Babiarz, Jr. became the owner and caretaker of Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke AG DIAMANT 16.5, serial number 012, N1193, XX in August of 1993. In 1997, at the request of an RC aeromodeller, he wrote a history of the design (see "Diamant Summarized History" in the archive). Since that time he has collected an amazing number of documents, magazine articles and photographs relating to the history of the DIAMANT. Additionally, he has taken the time to photographically document his own DIAMANT.

Jim Scollen had been in contact with Art for over a decade - click on this link or the "It Just Is" tab above for the details - and in April 2009 Jim forwarded a number of photos to us on a CD with the idea of publishing a walk-around in RC Soaring Digest magazine. Luckily, publication of the walk-around was put on hold for a number of minor reasons, because during the latter part of 2009 Jim visited Art's home and spent several days scanning all of the printed materials in Art's collection with the purpose of compiling a web-based archive of the material.

Jim placed all of the TIFF images on two CDs and sent them off to us, and we started creating the PDFs, a process which took nearly a year.

The result of this collaboration is a detailed history of the DIAMANT, inlcuding Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke AG sales brochures, flight manuals, service bulletins, repair manuals, FAA airworthiness documents, magazine articles, and more than 100 detail photos of Art's DIAMANT 16.5.

Our sincere thanks to Art T. Babiarz, Jr. and Jim Scollen for making this archive possible.


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