If you are looking for additional sources of information for either model or full size aircraft, check out these links:

Aircraft Aerodynamics and Design Group, Stanford University
The progress of various research projects are detailed. If you have a Java-capable browser, be sure to investigate the wing analysis program.
Aircraft Design Information Sources
W.H. Mason's guide to books related to aerospace engineering. This is a fantastic resource!
Aufwind is the premiere German language magazine for enthusiasts of RC soaring and electric flight. Worldwide coverage, beautiful color pictures, and articles which will keep you on the cutting edge of technical developments.
Aerion Technologies, formerly Desktop Aeronautics
Information about programs for aerodynamic design and analysis, including Weissinger discrete vortex evaluation of aerodynamic characteristics, and various airfoil and wing design applications. This site also includes an online demo of an aerodynamics textbook!
Martin Hepperle's Model Aviation Home Page
Links to several articles on model aircraft aerodynamics, an interactive page devoted to propellor design, and another which evaluates airfoils. Martin also takes a close look at winglets.
R/C Soaring Digest
Now published by B2Streamlines! For more than thirty years, R/C Soaring Digest has filled the needs of RC sailplane modelers worldwide. 
Michael Shellim
A web site is devoted to RC soaring. In addition to a great list of suppliers, the site also has a wide variety of articles, organized by topic on the home page, including an intriguing Sailplane Performance Analysis.
Trick R/C
Trick R/C's Zagi is the hottest 'ship yet for slope combat! It has a small target profile, is extremely maneuverable and nearly indestructable. Super fast construction and low cost make the Zagi a winner! Check out the whole web site for new additions to the product line!
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Applied Aerodynamics Group
A complete website devoted to all aspects of the UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group. Includes information on current activities, results of the wind tunnel testing programs, and access to coordinates for more than 1150 airfoils. (The site URL is subject to change, but the link given here is always good and will take you directly to the current location.)
Tony van Roon
Tony has set up a web site which includes a complete RC Website Directory (over 1250 listings and growing!), plus pages devoted to electronic gadgets and various electronic circuits of interest to modelers.

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