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"On the 'Wing..." has appeared in RC Soaring Digest  magazine since 1988. Over the intervening two decades, topics have included technical papers, candidates for scale models, computer programs to assist in the design of tailless aircraft, a multitude of reader projects, kit reviews, and construction articles.

Each book volume is a compilation of tens of articles which have previously appeared in printed form within RC Soaring Digest magazine. There are now four volumes available as downloadable PDFs.

"On the 'Wing... the book," the first volume, column numbers 1 - 52, is available as a single PDF file (13.7 MB)

"On the 'Wing... the book, Volume 2," column numbers 53 - 110, is available in printed form or as a single PDF file (9.9 MB) 

"On the 'Wing... the book, Volume 3," column numbers 111 - 158, is available as a simgle PDF file (42.7 MB)

"On the 'Wing... the book, Volume 4.1," column numbers 159 - 182, and "On the 'Wing... the book, Volume 4.2," column numbers 183 - 203, are available as a set of two PDF files (24.5 and 9.9 MB).

Please visit the B2Streamlines book store to purchase any or all of these volumes.

 OTW INDEXA complete index of all 200 plus "On the 'Wing..." articles on a single web page! The Index includes the article numbers and date of publication in RC Soaring Digest. 

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