PDF Archive

All of the documents in the DIAMANT archive are listed below, arranged by topic, with links to the appropriate PDF file.

01 Development and History
Diamant Geneology.pdf
Diamant Owner List '94.pdf
Diamant Summarized History.pdf
Jason's Senior Project.pdf
SN 012 Traceable History.pdf
02 FFA Diamant Sales Information
Diamant Sales Brochure 1.pdf
Diamant Sales Brochure 2.pdf
Misc Advertising.pdf
Technical Data, Sales & Dealer Pricing Info.pdf
03 Legal Documents
FAA Printouts of ADs.pdf
FAA Type Certification G13EU.pdf
FFA FV-816 Repair Manual.pdf
FFA FV-818 Flight and Maintenance Manual.pdf
FFA List of Factory Service Bulletins.pdf
First Annual.pdf
Flight and Maintenance Manual Add.pdf
Mandatory Repair GFA AD/131 FFA 5.pdf
Modified Operating Limitations.pdf
Problems at Home.pdf
Service Bulletins.pdf
Spar AD mods.pdf
Type Certificate.pdf
04 Performance Information
Performance Information.pdf
05 Diamant Assembly Checklist
Assembly Checklist.pdf
06 Replacement Canopy
Replacement Canopy.pdf
07The Topless Diamant 19
Topless Diamant 19.pdf
08 Diamant Days by George Moffatt
Moffatt - Diamant Days.pdf
09 Diamant Photo Journals
94-04-27 First Flight.pdf
Diamant photos 9-25-2009.pdf
George Moffat, Jr in Diamant 16-5.pdf
Jan 06 family room winter.pdf
Pierre in wave.pdf
Soaring March 1969.pdf
10 30th Anniversary Celebration
Diamant 30th Birthday.pdf
11 Magazine Articles
34th National Soaring Championship 67-09.pdf
Competition Confidential.pdf
Control Gap Sealing.pdf
How to Win by Not Losing by George Moffat.pdf
Landing a Diamant.pdf
Misc Magazine Articles.pdf
One Man's Opinion.pdf
Soaring 1970 June.pdf
Two Long Final Glides.pdf
12 Trailer Drawings
Trailer Drawings.pdf
14 Janes World Sailplanes
Janes World Sailplanes.pdf
15 Diamant Forum Comments
Diamant Forum Comments.pdf
20 Sterling Free Flight Model Plans
Sterling Diamant p1.pdf
Sterling Diamant p2.pdf