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Tailless Aircraft
An Extensive Bibliography for Subsonic Types

Sixth Edition
by Serge Krauss

A well-rounded and extensive work, constantly updated and refined, it is now available in its sixth edition. It is spiral- (helically) bound in vinyl and contains 342 pages of hard-core information: annotated listings of publications concerning tailless aircraft and related topics from 1867 to the present (books, papers, articles, reports, patents, etc.), support material, and more.


  • 20 pages of introductory material, including an historical overview and perspective, content and format information, strategies, analysis, and literature search advice.
  • A list of 80 sources of help, information, and plans/materials.
  • A chronological listing of over 4354 annotated tailless aircraft references.
  • A chronological listing of 1064 annotated related-interest items, some containing several (up to 20) references each.
  • 108 listings concerning electronic media.
  • Three Appendices, including an alphabetical index of some 370 designers/constructors of tailless and related aircraft, listing their aircraft, with brief configurational notations and dates for each.

This work is by far the largest and most extensive ever of its kind. From conception through execution, it is an exceptional volume.

Prices, postage paid: $40.00 U.S., $50.00 Europe, $56.00 Africa, Australia, and the Far East.

Send personal check drawn on a U.S. bank, International Postal Money Order, or Travelers Check made out in U.S. dollars. U.S. currency is also acceptable, but in this case please send your order via registered mail.

Serge Krauss
3114 Edgehill Rd
Cleveland Heights OH 44118

If further information is needed, please contact Serge Krauss via e-mail at <>

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