The EH airfoils

The EH airfoils, designed by John Yost, were developed specifically for swept wing tailless aircraft. Our own Penumbra, shown here, uses the EH 1.0/9.0.

Bill and Penumbra

Bill with Penumbra.4 at 60 Acres, Redmond WA

All of the EH sections have excellent stall characteristics and near zero pitching moments, making them ideal for this type application. EH airfoils have been used successfully on a number of RC models. The airfoil designation provides section camber and thickness; the EH 2.0/12.0, for example, has 2% camber and is 12% thick. Coordinates and aerodynamic data are available through the links below.

Coordinates are always given according to UIUC Wind Tunnel test reports convention: the airfoil surface is defined from the trailing edge to the leading edge along the top surface, then from the leading edge to the trailing edge along the bottom surface. Coordinates are provided in Foil 1.2 format. If you are using another computer plotting program, you may need to edit the resulting text file so it is compatible with the program you are using.

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EH 0.0/9.0

EH 1.0/9.0

EH 1.0/7.0 (from EH 1.0/9.0)

EH 1.5/9.0

EH 2.0/10.0

EH 2.0/12.0

EH 2.5/10.0

EH 3.0/12.0

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